Try Again


Courage builds when we try again. Take for example the great heroes of history, such as, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, Colonel Sanders and many others…

Their stories, you can find by clicking on the links above. There are many other encouraging stories placed here in a nutshell that will give us the courage to continue trying.

The reason why I will not explain their stories is because some of us may have heard these stories time and time again, and we go, “yeah, I’ve heard that one before.”

Right? Was I right? Well, here’s a new one with a fresh perspective. Recently, I heard a preacher give an analogy that was both witty and hilarious to illustrate the value of Trying Again.

It went like this:

“There was a man standing at the corner of the street who began to stir the attention of passers-by. When a beautiful lady walked by this man, he would walk up to her and whisper into her ear. Undoubtedly, the woman he approached would fluster in her face and give him gigantic slap right across his cheek and walk off. But, the man, after a second of recovery would stand unfazed and went up to the next beautiful woman and whispered into her ear. “SLAPPED!” Again and again he would continued, with each try he got slapped, left, right and maybe center. After awhile, a gentlemen walked up to this man in pity and asked,

“What are you whispering into all these women’s’ ears for you to deserve this?”

The man replied, “I say to them, “Can I have a kiss?””

The gentlemen looked at the man in horror and added, “Then surely they’d slap you.”

A grin smeared across the man’s face. “But sometimes I get a kiss from one or two after trying again and again.””

The value of trying again will get you somewhere.

And sorry ladies for the man story to illustrate this value, we love you too and you can build courage from Trying Again and Again.

Above all, as we Try Again and Again, we will build courage with each success that brings encouragement.


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